Lost the Beat

September 26, 2017

Lost the Beat

We had it all once, babe,
a glorious moment in the sun.
We had it, loved naively,
but serenely blind we came undone

It slipped away so easily,
each of us felt carefree, still thinking
all was well between us:
Our hearts broke each other without blinking

Remembering our life now
it all feels ridiculous, absurd,
I guess our love was frail indeed,
we both let it go without a word.

If I could, I’d take it back,
but our shattered hearts are rightly wary.
My wretched soul fears more pain
and sees you as its adversary.

So we stay apart, my dear.
I won’t risk grief over you anew.
Reign nostalgia firmly in
and bid you decisively adieu.




February 26, 2013

From first glance to real romance, courtship is a beautiful thing.



Open your mind
to me.
You are fascinating
yet so closed.
I long to know what
you’re thinking.

Open your eyes
to me.
See me, the real me,
for who I am.
I long for you
to know me too.

Open your words
to me.
What do you think about
when you are so quiet.
I long to hear what
you ponder.

Open your dreams
to me.
Tell me what they are
in detail.
I long to help them
all come true.

Open your lips
to me.
Let me kiss you,
steal your breath;
I long to breathe new life, hold you,
cherish you, love you.

Open your body
to me.
This passion we feel
is only the beginning.
I long to spend
my life with you.