February 26, 2013

From first glance to real romance, courtship is a beautiful thing.



Open your mind
to me.
You are fascinating
yet so closed.
I long to know what
you’re thinking.

Open your eyes
to me.
See me, the real me,
for who I am.
I long for you
to know me too.

Open your words
to me.
What do you think about
when you are so quiet.
I long to hear what
you ponder.

Open your dreams
to me.
Tell me what they are
in detail.
I long to help them
all come true.

Open your lips
to me.
Let me kiss you,
steal your breath;
I long to breathe new life, hold you,
cherish you, love you.

Open your body
to me.
This passion we feel
is only the beginning.
I long to spend
my life with you.