July 24, 2013


Overhead, the lightning flashes,
the rumble sounds in seconds,
and I feel the rain begin to patter
on the tent.

I wish that you were

And as I close my eyes,
reality and dreams blend
and I find you are somehow here
with me on this thin mattress.

You are delighted that I waited for you.
You run your hand up my thigh
and into the secret places reserved
for you alone.

We kiss and explore as the rain
begins to come down harder,
and passion and nature
join together just as we
become one.

When lightning strikes,
you delve deep
and with the thunder,
I respond,
my cries drowned out
by the blasts of sound
nature provides.

The storm goes on
and we grapple, slick with sweat,
entwined and loving hard
at last
we climax
with the storm
and lie panting
as the thunder grows distant,
and our hearts slow.