November 11, 2015


Some certain scent you have
that makes my inner beast appear.
Some warm, melting look you give,
some lingering touch,
makes me want to lose control.

I can contain it if I want to.
I can push down the feelings
and later think upon you
while I ease my suffering
alone and shuddering,
your face on my mind.

I need to know, though,
if you feel what I am feeling.

Does my scent arouse?
Does my watchful gaze stir you?
Does your beast want to
come out and play?
I know
what I want you to say.


October 24, 2015



So many people, chattering endlessly.
Empty heads and emptier words
hold no charms.
I lift my glass to finish
and there you are.

You seem just as bored as I,
just as ready to flee
this stifling mass of humanity.
I stare, I can’t seem to stop.
How did I not notice you before?

Your eyes leap up
and meet my startled gaze.
And hold me there.
A smile flickers to life
and I return it.

Our eyes are locked,
the sound dies away
and all I can hear, all I can feel
are heartbeats thudding,
pounding in my ears, my body,
as our gaze deepens,

A lift of your brows,
a glance toward the door.
I smile and go to find my coat.





October 18, 2015


It builds slowly, one hardly notices.
Like walking in the forest,
the ground underfoot sometimes softens,
the groundwater seeping up.
Soon one finds a spring,
a small place rife with fecundity,
or a trickle of water from a pile of stone.

Nobody suspected a softened emotion
not from me, serene and calm,
pacing through life untouched

They didn’t feel the moisture,
dampening the forest floor,
loosening the resolutions I made
when I was still in pain and certain.

They can’t breathe in the softness
the way I can when I feel your gaze
on me, asking me,
telling me,

They had no way to see the hope
springing verdant
at the idea of you.

And then when at last your fear
and mine became weak against
our desire,
at last
we change
and all we are
all we can become
is heat
and fire,
taste and touch
and sweat-slick

How odd the world doesn’t change
when all inside me feels alive.

How is it the world is different now,
so welcoming
and alive with
the promise of more?


July 24, 2013


Overhead, the lightning flashes,
the rumble sounds in seconds,
and I feel the rain begin to patter
on the tent.

I wish that you were

And as I close my eyes,
reality and dreams blend
and I find you are somehow here
with me on this thin mattress.

You are delighted that I waited for you.
You run your hand up my thigh
and into the secret places reserved
for you alone.

We kiss and explore as the rain
begins to come down harder,
and passion and nature
join together just as we
become one.

When lightning strikes,
you delve deep
and with the thunder,
I respond,
my cries drowned out
by the blasts of sound
nature provides.

The storm goes on
and we grapple, slick with sweat,
entwined and loving hard
at last
we climax
with the storm
and lie panting
as the thunder grows distant,
and our hearts slow.





January 11, 2013


Waiting for my chance
for a moment
a touch
and then you’re gone
and I wait
for my chance.

My life is as full
as busy
as hectic
as yours
but do you know
how I live
live and breathe
for those brief moments?

Do you know
how I treasure each one
and leaf through each
as through a
well-loved book?

Will there truly
be a day
when waiting will
at last
be done?

When days
and nights
will be filled
with love
love with
touch and
breath and
pleasure unlimited
for just