Not a Fool

April 1, 2016

Not a fool
to love you so.
Not a fool
to find joy in
your steady gaze
your open heart
your loving arms
your thoughtful touch
your peaceful depth
your constancy
your hungry kiss.
Not a fool to love
this time.


November 13, 2015


We met at the park,
you came upon me and stopped to talk.
When you saw I had kids
you didn’t freak out and
I smiled.

You never pushed too hard,
but you invited me places.
We met again and again,
and every time
I smiled.

One night, saying goodbye,
you reached into the car
and kissed me.
All the way home, oh, how
I smiled.

One night, at your place,
we explored one another,
and before it went too far
you asked me,
“Are you sure?”
I said yes, and
I smiled.

So many nights together,
you came to mine and tapped
at the bedroom window.
I would fly to the front door
and we would kiss and kiss.
So much love,
so many smiles.

Whatever happened to us?



That Night

December 5, 2014

An Idyll - Maurice William Greiffenhagen, 1891

An Idyll – Maurice William Greiffenhagen, 1891

That Night

Remember the night
under the bridge
when you held me
so very close
and opened your coat
so I could be warm
and I could feel
our hearts beating
so hard, so fast,
and then, when
our eyes met
I’ll never forget
how my breath
got caught somewhere
in the middle of my chest
and all of me ached
and yearned with
such sudden fire
it took me by
I looked up again
and met your eyes
I saw your fear
and eagerness
and with a pulse
of something

Yes, that.

Do it again.


February 24, 2014


All night the flower,
petals tightly closed against
depredations of moth and moon
remains firmly resistant to their blandishments.

Once the sun begins to rise,
the caress of light begins to play along the petals,
warming the flower, as your embrace warms me.

Coaxing gently, persistently, the light glows.
soft kisses of butterfly and bee batter delicately,
waiting for the flower to open, for the petals to relax,
just as your kisses cajole and allure and induce and beguile.

The choice belongs to me, as it does the flower.
Whether to open and glory in the sun, stigmas revealed to preferred
visitors, bees, legs fat with pollen, sipping the nectar prepared for them
in exchange for flower-ripening life.

Do they shudder with delight, as I do,
when they are penetrated, plundered, partaken?

Do flowers groan with bliss upon an insect kiss?

Do they wait, impatient, for the next encounter?




February 12, 2014


Lost among the daily mail
a simple note
that reads
“I love you,”
inscribed on a simple paper heart
in cursive script.

Of course such a thing
makes one’s pulse race.
Who wrote it?
Who could it be?
Is it really for me?
Could this be a mistake?
Or a recipe for heartache?

To discover a secret lover
one must go to great lengths
of observation.
fretting and thinking.

I know who I want it to be,
and I wonder:
if I return the favor
write a similar note for
them to find…

And so I do.

And when I see the surprised
delight at receiving such a note,
and they instantly look around to see
who could it be
I let them see

But only for an instant
and the briefest of smiles
and dash back to my place
remembering the look
on that face
and smiling
so hard.

And then
the waited-for knock
and the breathless “hello”
and the blush that starts
at the roots of my hair
and goes all the way
to my toes.

But maybe something new
can begin.

Maybe something warm and deep
and full of passion
and pain
and love
and joy
is right behind





December 6, 2013


A marked lack of restraint
at last
here in private.
You know I can’t
(or won’t)
share my passion
out in the world
met by prying eyes,
but you also know
my deepest heart and
darkest longings
and most intense
and you know
how I melt inside
when you do those things
in public places
and populated spaces;
a pressure to my palm,
a casual hand brushed
against my thigh
or a slightly possessive
posture, pressure against
the small of my back when
I’m laughing at someone else’s jokes,
as if to say,
“I’m here too, don’t forget
about us, about who is going home
with you





April 19, 2013


a feeling
seductively sweet,
that shy, teasing glance, gentle touch.
Just a brush of your hand, the look in your eyes, a breath.
Ah, those few signals awaken
my senses, my heart,
to your hot


February 26, 2013

From first glance to real romance, courtship is a beautiful thing.



Open your mind
to me.
You are fascinating
yet so closed.
I long to know what
you’re thinking.

Open your eyes
to me.
See me, the real me,
for who I am.
I long for you
to know me too.

Open your words
to me.
What do you think about
when you are so quiet.
I long to hear what
you ponder.

Open your dreams
to me.
Tell me what they are
in detail.
I long to help them
all come true.

Open your lips
to me.
Let me kiss you,
steal your breath;
I long to breathe new life, hold you,
cherish you, love you.

Open your body
to me.
This passion we feel
is only the beginning.
I long to spend
my life with you.