April 19, 2016


I live for the dark,
bathing in the light of the moon
I feel revived, fortified.

Fancy meeting you
on one of my midnight rambles,
the brief consternation of meeting another
mingled with the joy
of discovering a like mind.

We walked together a while.
I wondered if you were real.
You felt like an illusion my sex-starved brain imagined.
I felt an insane urge to take you home.
So I did.

O what a delicious night.

In the morning you were gone
melted away in the light of day
like the lost radiance
of the stars.




February 14, 2014


That moment
when time stands still
and the look in those eyes
seem to melt the world away:
the chill night
the occasional passing car
the sound of leaves rustling in the slight breeze,
all fades until the only real thing
in a spinning world
is the sound of heartbeats
throbbing so fast it seems impossible
and every inch of skin
is desperately sensitive.
A touch sends a thrill
and the look darkens, deepens,
becomes more serious
until beat by pulsing,
bursting beat
lips touch
lightly at first, but then
exquisite pleasure
and only those few inches of sensitive skin,
the lips,
feel like an entire world
because the rest of it is gone,
replaced by this agony
of bliss.

Night Witness by Rafa Alvarez

Night Witness by Rafa Alvarez


February 12, 2014


Lost among the daily mail
a simple note
that reads
“I love you,”
inscribed on a simple paper heart
in cursive script.

Of course such a thing
makes one’s pulse race.
Who wrote it?
Who could it be?
Is it really for me?
Could this be a mistake?
Or a recipe for heartache?

To discover a secret lover
one must go to great lengths
of observation.
fretting and thinking.

I know who I want it to be,
and I wonder:
if I return the favor
write a similar note for
them to find…

And so I do.

And when I see the surprised
delight at receiving such a note,
and they instantly look around to see
who could it be
I let them see

But only for an instant
and the briefest of smiles
and dash back to my place
remembering the look
on that face
and smiling
so hard.

And then
the waited-for knock
and the breathless “hello”
and the blush that starts
at the roots of my hair
and goes all the way
to my toes.

But maybe something new
can begin.

Maybe something warm and deep
and full of passion
and pain
and love
and joy
is right behind





September 4, 2013


You can see it
when you touch me
and it steals my breath.
I know you see
because when I gasp
you quickly look to see
if you’ve hurt me somehow,
but you’ve not,
your touch has merely

And with that touch
of flame
the heat spreads
at an alarming rate
my knees grow weak
my heart is racing
my eyelids flutter
and I relax
in your grasp:
to do with
as you





July 24, 2013


Overhead, the lightning flashes,
the rumble sounds in seconds,
and I feel the rain begin to patter
on the tent.

I wish that you were

And as I close my eyes,
reality and dreams blend
and I find you are somehow here
with me on this thin mattress.

You are delighted that I waited for you.
You run your hand up my thigh
and into the secret places reserved
for you alone.

We kiss and explore as the rain
begins to come down harder,
and passion and nature
join together just as we
become one.

When lightning strikes,
you delve deep
and with the thunder,
I respond,
my cries drowned out
by the blasts of sound
nature provides.

The storm goes on
and we grapple, slick with sweat,
entwined and loving hard
at last
we climax
with the storm
and lie panting
as the thunder grows distant,
and our hearts slow.





May 29, 2013


I am tentative, unsure.
I hesistate.
Yet you, you know me
so well,
you sigh a moment,
and I whisper,
“You know
I get this way… this
is who I am.”
And you softly

Your hands on
my shoulders
are weights
at first.

And I shudder,
like that butterfly,
wings trembling,
ready to take flight.

But your smile is sure,
and you bend to
kiss softly
because you know
any harder caress
might excuse
my retreat.

And now, though
I’m still unsure,
your confidence
and your lips
press mine, you
ease your tongue so
I feel safe,
relax a tiny bit.

Your hands begin
to roam.
I sigh, breathe,
and soon I feel
the bed behind my knees,
urging me down, down
into a cloud of
comforter and warmth.

I fall.

It seems sudden,
I am bare
and befuddled by
sensation, and
wonder how.

But now I am pinned
to the bed—
like a butterfly
pinned to a board—
by your tongue.

The warmth grows
a silent (amazing)
makes me forget
cares, worries.

And when we join
there is no more


May 3, 2013


your rough hands
so experienced
how expert
that know all
about what makes me tremble
and sigh for your touch


April 13, 2013


I am like a candle

pale and plain

patiently waiting for the perfect occasion

but when

you enter the room

you so easily

make the candle do

what it was meant to




March 28, 2013


I wander through
my day-to-day
existence. Fine,
but things seem gray.
But that’s all right,
it’s all okay,
My element
-al passion play
is actually
a throw-away
the way I feel
right now, today.

And then you reach
out, talk to me,
and all my dread
-ful apathy
is swept away,
I’m undersea,
I cannot breathe;
our repartee
wakes my senses
makes me feel free.
And makes me fear
and want to flee.

But looking back
at my dull life;
its lack of joy,
its lack of strife,
and all my wishing,
all my grief,
my hopes for more
cut like a knife.
The things I do
seem empty, rife
with pointlessness.
This is no life.

And so I then
look back to you,
and see the joys
(and sorrows too)
that wait there for
me, all seems new.
I struggle, fight
what I know’s true
because I can’t be
in love with you.
I have a life.
You know I do.

But still my soul
longs for our love.
Longs for the days
of hand-in-glove,
of long warm nights
of making love
and holding on
and I think of
our passionate
and pleasured love
and angry spats
like fire above
and know that you
are my true love.

And how I long
to turn away
from my whole life,
from stodgy gray.
And run to you,
be led astray.
With no remorse
my life betray.
But there’s the bite
the edge, the fray.
To do as I
would like today,
we would then
cause such dismay.
I think again.
I turn away.


March 19, 2013


Me? I’m just a figment
of your imagination,
that’s all.

I will always say yes.
To whatever you need.
But that is because

A real person has no needs
of their own;
has no urges,
no motivations
no real life;
I must be an illusion.
Except, of course,
for those times when you
bring me to life
by wanting me,
just for a moment, just for now,
not to have with you
forever, of course,
because that would mean
I am part of your
real life.

Because I don’t exist,
not in the real world,
or at least not in yours.

Or perhaps the
that you think I am
is what really doesn’t

Perhaps there is a real me,
but you simply
that there are needs