November 11, 2015


Some certain scent you have
that makes my inner beast appear.
Some warm, melting look you give,
some lingering touch,
makes me want to lose control.

I can contain it if I want to.
I can push down the feelings
and later think upon you
while I ease my suffering
alone and shuddering,
your face on my mind.

I need to know, though,
if you feel what I am feeling.

Does my scent arouse?
Does my watchful gaze stir you?
Does your beast want to
come out and play?
I know
what I want you to say.


November 9, 2015


I knew it was a big mistake,
seeing you once again.

I knew it when I saw you,
felt that familiar yen.

I tried to stay away from you,
I thought that I was good.

I never thought my heart would yearn,
I just misunderstood.

But when I let your lips touch mine,
and felt your gentle touch.

I could not recall just why we stopped
when I loved you so much.

And now, again, I find myself
sad, lonely to the core.

My body tingling from your touch,
soul trampled, and heart sore.

But given the chance once again,
I don’t doubt what I’d do.

I know I’d let you right back in,
and let the pain come too.





November 8, 2015


So there we are
and the moment comes
when all there is
is sensation.
There is no outer world,
there is simply skin
slicked sweat salt
touch taste kiss
and oh, wow.
Yes, oh yes…

That Night

December 5, 2014

An Idyll - Maurice William Greiffenhagen, 1891

An Idyll – Maurice William Greiffenhagen, 1891

That Night

Remember the night
under the bridge
when you held me
so very close
and opened your coat
so I could be warm
and I could feel
our hearts beating
so hard, so fast,
and then, when
our eyes met
I’ll never forget
how my breath
got caught somewhere
in the middle of my chest
and all of me ached
and yearned with
such sudden fire
it took me by
I looked up again
and met your eyes
I saw your fear
and eagerness
and with a pulse
of something

Yes, that.

Do it again.


February 14, 2014


That moment
when time stands still
and the look in those eyes
seem to melt the world away:
the chill night
the occasional passing car
the sound of leaves rustling in the slight breeze,
all fades until the only real thing
in a spinning world
is the sound of heartbeats
throbbing so fast it seems impossible
and every inch of skin
is desperately sensitive.
A touch sends a thrill
and the look darkens, deepens,
becomes more serious
until beat by pulsing,
bursting beat
lips touch
lightly at first, but then
exquisite pleasure
and only those few inches of sensitive skin,
the lips,
feel like an entire world
because the rest of it is gone,
replaced by this agony
of bliss.

Night Witness by Rafa Alvarez

Night Witness by Rafa Alvarez


December 6, 2013


A marked lack of restraint
at last
here in private.
You know I can’t
(or won’t)
share my passion
out in the world
met by prying eyes,
but you also know
my deepest heart and
darkest longings
and most intense
and you know
how I melt inside
when you do those things
in public places
and populated spaces;
a pressure to my palm,
a casual hand brushed
against my thigh
or a slightly possessive
posture, pressure against
the small of my back when
I’m laughing at someone else’s jokes,
as if to say,
“I’m here too, don’t forget
about us, about who is going home
with you





September 4, 2013


You can see it
when you touch me
and it steals my breath.
I know you see
because when I gasp
you quickly look to see
if you’ve hurt me somehow,
but you’ve not,
your touch has merely

And with that touch
of flame
the heat spreads
at an alarming rate
my knees grow weak
my heart is racing
my eyelids flutter
and I relax
in your grasp:
to do with
as you





May 29, 2013


I am tentative, unsure.
I hesistate.
Yet you, you know me
so well,
you sigh a moment,
and I whisper,
“You know
I get this way… this
is who I am.”
And you softly

Your hands on
my shoulders
are weights
at first.

And I shudder,
like that butterfly,
wings trembling,
ready to take flight.

But your smile is sure,
and you bend to
kiss softly
because you know
any harder caress
might excuse
my retreat.

And now, though
I’m still unsure,
your confidence
and your lips
press mine, you
ease your tongue so
I feel safe,
relax a tiny bit.

Your hands begin
to roam.
I sigh, breathe,
and soon I feel
the bed behind my knees,
urging me down, down
into a cloud of
comforter and warmth.

I fall.

It seems sudden,
I am bare
and befuddled by
sensation, and
wonder how.

But now I am pinned
to the bed—
like a butterfly
pinned to a board—
by your tongue.

The warmth grows
a silent (amazing)
makes me forget
cares, worries.

And when we join
there is no more


April 19, 2013


a feeling
seductively sweet,
that shy, teasing glance, gentle touch.
Just a brush of your hand, the look in your eyes, a breath.
Ah, those few signals awaken
my senses, my heart,
to your hot


April 13, 2013


I am like a candle

pale and plain

patiently waiting for the perfect occasion

but when

you enter the room

you so easily

make the candle do

what it was meant to