March 2, 2016


So there I am
at the reference desk as always
and here you come again.

I know you visit on Thursdays.
You go straight to what you want,
no wandering the aisles.

No asking for help
finding something special,
my loss.

My eyes follow you as always.
They linger on your form
and I try not to think rude, selfish thoughts
as I notice others watching too.

This time you pass closer to my desk.
You notice my eyes on you.
You smile.

I am blinded.
Lost, lost,

You stop.
I try to catch my breath.
My smile is hesitant,
then full. I can actually
my eyes twinkling at you.

“You wanna get coffee with me?
Or tea. Whatever you drink… Uh…”

I can’t believe you are as hesitant as I am.
You look so confident.
Oh shit, I need to answer…

“Yes! Um, yes, coffee is nice, I love coffee.”
I feel foolish.

But you smile again.
“When do you get off?”

I hesitate, gulp, OH!

“Off work, you mean?”
(…O M G …)

You chuckle, and I love the sound of it.
“Yeah, heh. That too.”

I give you my number,
I tell you the time I’m leaving.
Our eyes meet again, and I am

And then you are gone.

I love coffee.