A somewhat sexist post caught my attention: 7 Ways a Gentleman Protects His Girl.

Here is a list of 7 Ways a Lady Protects Her Boy. (What? They said “girl.” That meant I HAD to say “boy.”) If you think this list is ridiculous, well, you may be right. But it is no more ridiculous than the other list. ^_^

1. A Lady Protects Him From Harm

He feels safe because a true lady would never go places where creepers might be. She avoids fights with other girls so he doesn’t feel the need to intercede (and possibly get his eyes scratched out). She allows him to walk her to her car, which she parked in a safe location to avoid dangerous situations.

2. A Lady Protects Him From The Elements

A lady always has an umbrella available so that they can share it with her boy. She walks well to the inside near buildings so he won’t be splashed by passing cars. She always remembers to bring a coat and hat so he won’t have to give up his, risking illness.

3. A Lady Protects His Heart

She commits to him and never strays from that commitment. If she does not feel committed, she does not enter into a relationship at all, so he should feel safe with her. If they break up, she waits a reasonable period of time before dating someone else to ensure his tender feelings aren’t bruised.

4. A Lady Protects His Reputation

She never gossips with her friends about the details of potentially embarrassing matters. She doesn’t brag about her prowess with him or discuss details of past relationships. That is how he knows she can and will be discreet. She is proud to introduce him to friends and family.

5. A Lady Protects His Feelings

She thanks him for the things he does to show his love. She does not demand that he love her the way she wishes, but understands the Five Love Languages, and respects his methods of showing love. She knows when he hasn’t had a meal and his blood-sugar is low, he may be more temperamental than usual, so instead of nagging, she sympathizes. She knows him, and knows how to tell when the anger he’s feeling isn’t about them, but about him.

6. A Lady Protects Him Sexually

She knows a one-night stand is never a good idea. When a man is with a Lady, he will know that she won’t take advantage of him and then cast him aside. She knows that if she looks at porn, it might make him feel like less of a man compared with the male star, so she refrains from it when he is with her. She is always cautious with a new sexual partner and is tested for STDs regularly, and is not ashamed to ask him to be tested as well.

7. A Lady Protects Him Spiritually

She respects his religion or lack of one, and supports his right to do what he needs to do to feel his soul is in good order. If he prays, she respects his faith and if she prays as well, they may well pray together. She understands that forcing him to go to church with her won’t make him spiritual, but will make him more stubborn. She accepts him as he is and does not try to change him.