February 14, 2014


That moment
when time stands still
and the look in those eyes
seem to melt the world away:
the chill night
the occasional passing car
the sound of leaves rustling in the slight breeze,
all fades until the only real thing
in a spinning world
is the sound of heartbeats
throbbing so fast it seems impossible
and every inch of skin
is desperately sensitive.
A touch sends a thrill
and the look darkens, deepens,
becomes more serious
until beat by pulsing,
bursting beat
lips touch
lightly at first, but then
exquisite pleasure
and only those few inches of sensitive skin,
the lips,
feel like an entire world
because the rest of it is gone,
replaced by this agony
of bliss.

Night Witness by Rafa Alvarez

Night Witness by Rafa Alvarez

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