April 1, 2013


You said you’d follow me home
in your own car,
but I understand the parking situation
better than you do.

And that’s fine, because I really did
need to pick up the mess in my kitchen sink
and throw the laundry from the bathroom
into the hamper
and put my dry cleaning
in the closet.

And also, I needed time to
slip into that special
that I know will tickle
your fancy.

By the time you’ve settled your car
somewhere on the next block
I’ve got drinks poured
and music playing
and lights dimmed
and pillows fluffed
and I am heady with

Our kiss
takes my breath away.
My warm arms around you
make you melt into me
and we fall on each other
like starving animals,
past the drinks and pillows,
oblivious to the music,
making love on the kitchen table.

The first time, anyway.

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