A Little Subtlety

October 23, 2012

Welcome to my blog. I decided there is a dearth of saucy, sexy, romantic poetry and prose out in the world, at least, something better-written than some of the popular fiction that the masses have devoured. (Romance and stalking are not the same thing, people.) And while it’s good that people read, perhaps it’s time to educate the palate a little.

There is a big difference between erotica and smut, and I thought that perhaps I can help. I will post the best of what I find or write, and soon, perhaps my gentle readers will understand that porn and erotica are totally different. With erotica, the senses come alive with delicious possibility and it is much different than the “in-your-face” approach much of the stuff out there.

This site is for people who want to read erotica, and read it aloud to their love and have it read to them to set the mood, or to enjoy alone.

A little subtlety really is a good thing.

Let’s heat things up

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